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FCOT FM aims to operate as a high-quality, music-based commercial radio station. However, our goal is to stretch beyond the mainstream music content, to provide niche music content, national and local news, travel and weather updates, competitions, entertainment, and more that will help bind us to our local and student base.

FCOT FM is a locally-based radio station, accessible from an approximate 20-mile radius within the Rushmoor region,

reaching areas such as Aldershot, Ash, Fleet, Farnham, Farnborough, Camberley and Blackwater.


The station runs under a restricted service licence (RSL) in Farnborough, Hampshire,

and operates during the April-May period of 2018 (and does so at this time every year).


This student-run station’s goal is to replicate the high quality and wide appeal of a commercial station,

featuring popular music and 24-hour content across both live radio broadcasting and multiple social media platforms.


As a result, the station primarily broadcasts, across the space of one month, to all students, staff and visitors

at Farnborough College of Technology, via local FM Radio on 87.7FM.


Formerly known as Echo FM, Passion and FCT-FM, the station has been broadcast yearly since 1992, with a strong emphasis on live presenters. Our target audience is aged 16 to 35, and our placement at the local college gives the station a great opportunity to attract and involve thousands of students and hundreds of staff members.

The 24-hour online streaming also gives us greater appeal beyond the local FM range.



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